The vision

Mountain Top Bliss! Sadly we must postpone this event!  The trail is not ready and we have few people registered. 

Please call Malaina with any questions @ (408) 636-3226

Who We Are

Hello friends and friends to be..  I am Malaina.  I have been dreaming about creating a place for people on my land for over 20 years.  After having three kids, and avoiding my bike for WAY TOO LONG, I am finally ready to take on dreams fulfilled.  

My properfy is located On Loma Prieta, the slope facing Demo.  It transverses Loma Prieta Way and Highland.  We have been working on a trail to connect the Lodge Site with Highland for quite some time now.  As many of you triail blazers know, it takes a lot of people power to create an extraordinary trail...

I am interested in building a team of like minded people to support this project into it's fruition.  I am new to technology (which is why this website is so limited)...  I am also new to the mountain bike community (I blame Baby Jail).

Please contact me if you are intersted in getting involved in this project! 
Malaina Taylor (408) 636- - 3226

At the Loma Prieta Lodge, "IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE!"


Be a Part of Something Big

Whether you ride or simply love someone who does, come be a part of something big!  We need:  trail builders, designers, engineers, and most of all CAPITAL to get this show on the trail!  Please contact us if you would like to get involved  THANK YOU!!!

Feeling Generous?